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Welcome to the ADSL broadband board!
ADSL broadband is delivered over copper wires and BT currently offer two variants, ADSL Max which offers speeds of up to 8MB, and ADSL 2 which offers speeds up to 20MB. If you currently use either of our ADSL packages and have run into problems then this is the place to post. There are a few bits of information you can post which would really help other forum members get to the bottom of the problem you are experiencing.

Top Tip
Your questions are primarily answered by other BT customers. The only employees on our community are the forum moderators and a few subject matter experts. We can easily be identified by our title underneath our username. The replies you will receive are from customers who's only intention is to help, so while we appreciate you have likely come to the forum because something has gone wrong and you are probably very annoyed, please don't take this out on members trying to help.

Getting started with BT: We have some great help to get you started with your BT services, check out this link, New to BT
Top Tips
There are a few bits of information that other members will need to help diagnose your broadband problem. If you inlcude the below information in your post it will go a long way in helping get to the bottom of the issue

Run a Speed test and post the results
Learn how from here Broadband Top Tips
Post your Home Hub router stats
Learn how from here Broadband Top Tips
Run a quiet Line test
Learn how from here Broadband Top Tips
Check for known problem in your area
See our service Status page here Service Status
Help articles related to broadband
See this link for all our Broadband help
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