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how to get a new BT smart hub

I have a Halo 1 package, however, I only have a BT Hub 3.  How do I get a new Hub?

I can achieve 60Mbps by plugging into the Ethernet cable. However, the speed over wifi is declines from anywhere between 50Mbs to just under 1Mbps.  I've tried changing the wifi channels to minimise interference with other wifi signals, and scanned for interfering signals,  but even so it doesn't seem to make any lasting difference.

I've also noticed that the hub is getting quite warm, so maybe it's time for it to be replaced?

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Re: how to get a new BT smart hub

you need to phone customer services 150 and report hub is getting hot and ask for replacement. You may get a HH6 not the new SH2.  If you get a new hub then you can do away with the openreach modem which you currently use in conjunction with the HH3

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