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no broadband connection

I have been without internet access most of the day. Broadband was working fine when suddenly everything disconnected and the light on the home hub changed to orange with the broadband light flashing red.

I have searched through all help articles online and have tried the suggestions, including:
Disconnected all cables from home hub and reconnected.
Turn home hub on and off.
Refresh home hub.
Replaced ADSL cable.
Replaced ADSL filter.
Taken front off of incoming phone line box and plugged ADSL filter into test socket.

When resetting or turning on and off the home hub it goes through the startup sequence, then the light goes blue for a few seconds before flashing orange, after a while it stays orange and the broadband light starts flashing red again.

All cables are securely connected and tested to be working on a different connection. I have run a line/fault test through the BT website and it reports everything to be fine.

Please advise on how to fix this issue.
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Distinguished Sage
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Re: no broadband connection

Does your phone work?


You can check these if different to ones you have already done.

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Re: no broadband connection

It was probably not your problem, ours went out around 11:30 AM yesterday and was still down when I went to bed at midnight.


Did you try the 08001690199  option 1 Services number.  Found that when I went through Trouble shooting on the Hub page.


Broadband was down all over Central and South Wales which covered our area.


Luckily it is back up this morning.



Just checked the Services page and found problem with Central Wales was resolved at 06:50 this morning and only 8 Area codes listed, was obviously a lot more than that as ours not on the list and no mention of south wales at all so not sure why it was on Phone message.


Must have been a major blowout somewhere to take that much broadband down for so long.

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