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speed tests

Hi  I have been having trouble with my BB speed over the last couple of weeks the open reach engineer today fixed the problem by reseting the SNR from 31 db back down to 6DB and all now seems OK ?

 He tells me I now have a download speed of aproximatly 8mbps  but that I should not do a speed test as this will adversly effect the speed !!? he told me that what ever speed I got on the test it would stay at that and as during the first 10 days it will fluctuate before settling down ? is this correct I can see that if I use the BT wholesale speed test which shows the speed from the exchange  to my router and then my devices this could be true But surely if I do a test using eg speed test .net which as I understand is just a website test surely this cannot adversly effect the speed .

If I follow the engineers suggestion how wil I know if it is again starting to slow down ?

thanks in advance for any advice given 


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Re: speed tests

use as btspeedtester was giving odd results  should not affect your download speed

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