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useless BT

Recently I had several unwanted line takeover attempts by new neighbours next door (they hadn't moved in at this point but were pre empting the move in to get set up). 

I cancelled these- well I thought I had. 

It came to the date which Bt had said I would lose connection had I not spoken to them and my homehub suddenly went orange. I spoke to BT and made them aware of the previous but they were insistent on testing and diagnosed a fault with my homehub. I trusted BT so after another phone call I received my homehub (the oringal BT tech help person had not ordered it). The hub still displayed and orange light. 

Spoke to tech help again who said there was a fault with the wire going to my house or something close to my home so an engineer would be out to sort it. The engineer came (went to wrong area first!) and then told me it would take longer to fix. Come Monday still no fault fixed. 

Come Monday I have escilated to exectuive level complaints as I am sick of having no internet and tech help having no interest in my theory that its related to the slamming of my line. The guy from the complaints says there is no issue with the line so will have to call me back. He calls me back and tells me that its down to the line take over- BT wholesale have switched off my broadband. Unfortunately as there was yet another request to take over my phone line the week previous which I called promptly to cancel still showing as pending he is unable to request it back. 

I received a phone call today telling me it is still showing as pending and that he has now spoken to Openreach to get it escilated to be removed. So yet even more time I am without Broadband and ultimately TV channels that I am paying for as I cannot watch them as they come through the internet! 

The complaints handler has admitted BT have handled this badly and I will be getting a refund of services but I will also be pushing for a payment for stress and inconvenicence through their incompetance to diagnose the fault correctly for nearly 2 weeks! 


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Re: useless BT

as you are having your problem handled by ELC then there is nothing mods can do at present as ELC has priority

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