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2019 in review


With 2019 in our rear-view mirror, what better time to reflect on the challenges and successes we have faced on the BT Community in the last 12 months.  It has been a busy year and our community is no exception.

As you all know the Community is the place where customers come to interact and seek or offer help to other BT customers.  It's through this collaborative engagement that the Community has authored just over 3,000 solutions in the last 12 months.  The beauty of these solutions is that they are available to other customers who may have the same issue or question, so resolving the query for one person has the potential to serve a whole lot more.  To give you an idea of how often solutions are viewed on the Community, in the last 12 months we have had over 5.5 million solutions viewed. Pretty impressive.

We couldn't do this without our members and  I would like to offer a warm welcome to our almost 12,000 new members who have registered on the Community in the last 12 months, I hope you found what you were looking for and I really hope you decide to stick around.  12,000 new members is a lot but is small in comparison to how many unique visitors we have had in the last 12 months…..Are you sitting down?.....6.7 million people have visited our Community! WOW!


Community Successes

Enough about numbers; I want to highlight the occasions whereby issues being reported by you and highlighted to the right people within BT by the BT team who work in Community (the mods)  and myself have led to solutions and fixes being developed and rolled out.  This is where Community can have such a positive impact, by issues being raised by a small number of customers, (in comparison to BT’s overall customer base), issues can be identified and fixed which benefits all BT customers.  In fact, problems can be fixed before some customers notice that there is a problem, this is down to us working closely together in understanding problems when they arise.  Below are a few of these scenarios in which the interactions from Community members allowed us to improve our products and services;


  • You told us that when you were attempting to change your settings via the online platform for BT Call protect, the changes were not being saved which left customers without the ability to fully utilize this fantastic service. Once this was reported and some of your examples where shared an issue was identified and fixed.


  • You told us that the USB port on your home hub was no longer working as expected and that this change had coincided with a firmware release. With your help in providing your details and describing your experience, our hub team was able to identify an issue.   Throughout the month of December BT rolled out new firmware that fully resolved this issue.  Any of the customers who had reported the issue on Community got prioritised access to the new firmware and have since confirmed this has done the trick. 


  • You told us that you could no longer access BT Cloud via the web portal. Again, with the information supplied by you, BT was able to identify an issue and fix this.


  • You told us that access to BT Email via the Thunderbird client was no longer working. Through sharing your experience with our email product team, an issue was soon identified and fixed restoring access via this popular email client


  • You have helped highlight some problems with the MyBT app which has allowed issues to be fixed. The first issue raised was that some customers completely lost access to the MyBT app, once reported the App development team found a solution.  More recently there were some reports that after a recent firmware update, customers using older iPhones and iPads could no longer access the app without any error.  This issue was fixed shortly after we highlighted the comment on the Community.  One other problem that we are still working on is that some customers reported a problem in managing their broadband wireless setting via the MyBT app if a Smart Hub 2 is in use.  The app team have made progress on this issue and further updates will follow soon


  • Loss of Freeview HD channels via BT TV set-top box. This discussion has been running for a while now but without your help in describing your experience, it would be so much harder to understand what is going on.  Highlighting your comments to our TV product team kicked off a complex and robust investigation involving our TV partners.  The good news is that the issue is now understood and a fix will be available soon.


I could go on listing all the other positive outcomes of customers reporting problems here on the Community, but I don't want to take up to much of your time in reading my thoughts.  However, this collaborative engagement is extremely helpful, not only to BT in allowing us to improve and fix things if and when they go wrong, but by providing you with solutions and other customers who may not even know that our wee Community exists.  I appreciate that I may not be able to update you as often as I like about various investigations but I can assure you that when things go wrong, the team and I make sure that your comments are shared with relevant people.


New to BT

As I mentioned earlier, 2019 has been a busy year here at BT. Here are just a few of the new product/services that BT has released; 

  • 5G on BT Mobile
  • BT Sport HDR
  • BT Sport Monthly pass
  • BT Halo
  • BT Full Fibre
  • BT Sport Ultimate
  • BT Sport Box office


A personal goal of mine is to make sure that we have posted information about all new products and service that are launched, while we have made some improvements in doing this we will be doing much more in 2020.  This is also a great way to get an understanding of what all of you think about what BT are doing and get your thoughts shared back with the people launching these new products and services.


Community Team & improvements

This year we have grown our moderation team by one full-time mod and a mod who will support us when needed, this brings the total for our mod team to 8.  I would like to thank them for all their hard work and dedication over the last 12 months, I am sure if you have dealt with any of these guys you will agree that they are excellent at what they do and have an infectious desire to help.

In the last couple of months, the team and I have uploaded our personal mug shots to our avatars.  We wanted to do this to give our Community that personal touch and figure it might be a nice change for you to see the people who are helping you.  Take a look but be gentle if you intend on offering any feedback on the faces in the pictures 🙄

We will continue to make improvements to how we work, our new signatures will be coming soon as well as some extra signposting on our profile so to make it clear when you engage with a member of the team.

Along with this, we are also going to change the term ‘Moderator’ as the guys do so much more than moderate the Community; they offer their expertise along with one to one support if the Community cannot help, they feedback your comments to myself and the wider business and are generally be around to respond, support and sometimes even just chat (ask them about gaming as some of the team are gamers in their spare time).  Moderator is selling the work they do, short, so early next year these chaps will be known as Community Champions, which we feel is a better description of what they do.

2020 will also bring some changes to the Community, we plan to relaunch our ranking structure and may also include badges just to add to the experience.  We will continuously work on improving what we do so don’t be surprised if you see me creating threads whereby I am seeking advice from all you guys and what you would like to see us do here on Community.


Community Leaders

Last but by no means, least - our Community Leaders.  A special thank you from the team and I go out to our 8 dedicated Community Leaders.  If you don’t know who they are, these guys are customers much like yourself who dedicate their own time to provide advice and support to other customers.  BT does not pay them for their time and their motives are as pure as it can get; they want to help.  By the look of it, they are achieving this goal of helping as between them they have authored just under 2500 solutions and have received just under 3500 thumbs up.

The Community Leaders are generally the first people who will try and help you and if they can’t help you then they will highlight your threads to the mods.  Our Community Leaders are the backbone of our community, so I want to call this out and offer my sincere gratitude for their dedication. 

You will be able to identify these members by the title of ‘Community Leader’ on their profile.  I won't name the individuals here as they are not interested in this sort of recognition but if they have helped you, give their posts a thumbs up. 


I will sign off by thanking you for taking the time to read my post and offer my sincere gratitude for all your contributions over the last 12 months.  I look forward to driving improvements so we deliver the Community experience you all want and deserve and engaging with as many of you as possible.



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