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BTCare Community Newsletter Issue 4

Signature forum.jpg BTCare Community Newsletter

Issue 4


Forum milestone – accepted solutions


Celebration banner.png


The forum’s accepted solutions feature is a great way of recognising fellow forum members for providing the answer to a problem. It also helps others find the correct answer to their question when they use the forum’s search facility.


We are very proud to announce that, as of last week, the total number posts marked as accepted solutions to date have now exceeded 15.000!


Here’s to the community reaching the 20.000 mark!


Solutions and Thanks over the last fortnight


Here are some of the forum’s top contributors in terms of solutions, kudos given and kudos received.


Two of our most prolific posters over the last few weeks have been @rarmitage124and @umpire – thanks for all the help you’ve been offering on the community!


This week alone, rarmitage124 has received over 10 kudos and authored several solutions, by offering help across the whole forum.


Umpire has recently offered a lot of advice on the BT TV boards, and also helped solve several threads since the last newsletter, by giving swift and straightforward answers on BT TV and BT Sport. Here’s an example.


Well done guys, thanks for all your help! 


Our picks


One of the top discussions over the last number of weeks has been about the new BT TV packages.


Customers now have a choice of different packages and we’ve had a forum discussion about it. 


BT on the web

New BT ads

Have you seen the new BT ads yet?


BT on YouTube has uploaded a few “behind the scenes” videos along with the actual TV ads.


Here’s one (The sound of reliability) that you can check out and see what all the fuss is about!


BT Minis

The guys over at BT YouTube have also been busy putting together some short and light-hearted vidoes about BT Mobile.


One of the most searched topics this fortnight was...


About Netflix!


As of last year, customers can add Netflix to their BT TV package as a “bolt-on”, as long as their TV pack is eligible. Information on this product is available here. Technical help is available in the Netflix Help Centre.



Forum feature of the week – Uploading images


As a BTCare forum member, you have access to an image gallery where you can choose to keep images private or public. You can add then these images onto a post.


It’s pretty easy to upload an image, and here’s how you can do it!


That’s it for now…


We hope everyone has a great week, and we look forward to seeing you around the boards!

Community ModeratorStephanie
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