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BTCare Community Newsletter Issue 5

Signature forum.jpg BTCare Community Newsletter

Issue 5


Forum milestones – Post count and kudos!


Celebration banner.png

As of last week, the forum’s total post count has exceeded 750000!


Also, the total kudos count is now over 55000!


It’s great to see the community growing, thanks everyone for your contributions!


Solutions and Thanks over the last fortnight


Here are some of the forum’s top contributors in terms of solutions, kudos given and kudos received.


@licquorice has returned as one of the forum’s top kudoed posters, and also providing a lot of solutions to people’s questions. He’s been helping out in the broadband and email boards, like he did here with a poster concerned about BT Yahoo compromised email accounts.


@rarmitage124 has all also been thanked several times by the community for the advice they’ve been giving, along with topping the list as top-kudos giver over the past fortnight.


Our picks


Have you heard? On 2 June, BT TV subscription channel numbers are changing. Join in the conversation!


G.INP – a new error correction technology

SeanD previously posted a more detailed explanation of what this is.


There’s been a lengthy discussion in the Infinity board about G.INP, specifically from some customers who noticed some compatibility problems since its roll-out.


After going through a trial with some of its affected customers, Openreach are now rolling out a fix. Further info is available in SeanD’s latest update.


One of the most searched topics this fortnight was...


About VPN.


If you’re having trouble with your VPN connection, advice is available on If these steps haven’t helped, please log in and post details of your problem on the community!


Forum feature of the week – Forum Subscriptions


As long as you have a BTCare Community profile, you can subscribe to threads and boards (as well as receiving notifications if you’ve been mentioned in a post).


You can customise your settings as you wish. Further instructions are available here.


That’s it for now…


You can find our previous newsletter here.


See you all around the boards!

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