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BTCare Community Newsletter Issue 8

                                 Community logo.jpg BTCare Community Newsletter


Issue 8


                                                         Our picks



This week is the last in our series of posts around Scams Awareness Month.


This week we’re featuring advice on ‘Doorstep Scams’.  This is the last week of scam awareness month which has been a very worthwhile cause.  I hope you found the information we have posted useful.  Please share our content with friends and family as awareness is key to preventing all these scams.


BT Sport Ultra HD


We are delighted to post news of BT’s new Ultra HD packages.  You can find more details about the Ultra HD package from here, BT Sport Ultra HD.  There has already been quite a bit of discussion on our main thread which has a wealth of information as well as some comments from early adopters of the new YouView Ultra HD box.  Check this thread out, Introducing Entertainment Ultra HD, including BT Sport Ultra HD



                               One of the most searched topics this fortnight was...


BT Sport


This won’t come as a surprise considering the announcements over the last few weeks and the fact that the new football season is just around the corner.  A couple of handy links are available if you want to find out more about BT Sport packages or BT Sport Content 



                                 Forum features of the week – Kudos and Solutions



Kudos and accepted solutions



The BTCare Community is a great place to get help from fellow BT customers, and kudos is one of the ways you can say “Thank you” to a helpful reply. All you need to do, is click on the “star” button below the person's username.


It will go from looking like this:Kudos.png  to this! Kudos1.png


Note: You cannot kudo your own posts! Also, some boards (such as the Lounge) do not have Kudoes enabled.


Accepted solutions

If you are the original poster and your question has been answered, you can mark that post as an “Accepted solution”. Marking your answer as “accepted” will make it easier for someone else who is having a similar problem to find the solution they are looking for.


If someone else comes along and gives a better or more relevant answer, you can change your mind anytime by revoking the “solved” marker on the first post and marking the new answer as “solved” instead (only one “solved” per thread is allowed).


Check out this post for more info on how kudos and accepted solutions work!

Kudos and Accepted solution and how they work




That’s all for this week folks.  Thanks for reading and please feel free to add a comment Smiley Happy



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