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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Community changes

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know about a couple of minor changes I have made to the community this afternoon.

  1. Removal of the ‘Ask a question' component  After a review of this component it has been recommended that we remove this component and just have the Community search bar as the primary way to search existing content on the community.  The Search component is more effective for search and the ‘Ask a question' component is just not getting the use
  2. Authentication of members – At the moment any newly registered member can create a post before validating their email address.  Currently the post will sit in a pending state until the email address is validated, upon validation the post will go live.  The problem is the system does not make it clear that the post has gone live so members sometimes end up creating another post with the same content thus duplicating their effort.  This is not a great experience at all so as of today I have changed this.

From now on, all newly registered members of the community will need to validate their email address before they will get an option to create a post.  To validate your email address you merely click on the link, in the email, that you have received from Community upon registering. 

This should prove to be a better experience and should also combat the confusion which has caused the duplication of posts.  Both these changes are now live.

I would like to apologise to all our new members which have joined in the last 9 or so months, for any confusion caused by the way we authenticating users.

A special thanks and our team's sincere gratitude goes out to our Community leaders for all the support they have given the moderators and I, in terms of keeping the Community tidy by removing or alerting us to duplicate posts.  Thank you guys, I know this has been frustrating and challenging and I am chuffed that we can now put this behind us.