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Customer service

I'm seriously considering switching to another broadband supplier due to BT's absolutely abysmal customer (as well as Openreach) service. After two weeks without my landline telephone service, I'm still no further forward. When I rang BT on Tuesday 27th November to report a fault, the advisor (in Dublin) took my details and promised to ring back in an hour to arrange for an engineer to call. This takes longer I've been told as I apparently live in the "Highlands and Islands" area. Weird because Elgin is hardly a small village in the Highlands inaccessible by main road and I see any number of Openreach vans passing by here every day, but no matter.
The advisor didn't bother to ring back and so I phoned customer services again the following day. Finally after much hassle, a call out was arranged for the afternoon of Monday the 3rd. Surprise surprise, the engineer didn't show up despite me waiting in from 1.00 to 6.00 pm.
According to the (Stockport) advisor, Openreach denied any knowledge of the appointment.
After being "chased up" by the same advisor (who seemed very helpful), an engineer called at my flat last Saturday morning. The only snag is I wasn't actually at home at the time: I was staying with a friend a 40 minute bus ride away. The advisor rang me on the Friday evening to inform me that the engineer would be calling early the following morning. I wasn't actually given the option of choosing a suitable time for him to visit. The advisor assured me that as the fault didn't appear to be connected with anything inside my flat, it wouldn't be necessary for me to be in when the engineer called.
The next morning at 8.00 the engineer phoned me on my mobile to say he'd checked the outside cables and that they'd been incorrectly routed or whatever and that he'd need access to my flat to fix the problem, but that as I wasn't in when he called, I was liable to a charge. I explained all of this to another advisor (in Dublin) on Monday afternoon. His tone was pretty disgusting and anyone would have thought the whole thing was my fault. Anyway he promised to call me back to reschedule an engineer's visit.
I'm still waiting.
I'm really outraged by the whole thing: Outreach's incompetence and unreliability as well as the Dublin advisor's aggressive attitude. The Stockport advisor promised to call me back (after failing to reach me on Saturday afternoon), but I've heard nothing from her since and I need her to back me up regarding the engineer's visit to my flat on Saturday morning.
I don't know where on earth I go from here.
I'm sick of having to explain things over and over again to different advisors. Communication between different departments seems to be nonexistent.
This has been unbelievably stressful for me and I'm STILL without a working landline telephone.
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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Customer service

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: Customer service

Agreed. BT customer service is the worst I've experienced. 

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Re: Customer service

Hi @puppykins sorry you have had such a poor experience when you called. We will be happy to help you with the repair of your phone line if you send us over your details. Please click on my profile and select the contact the mods option and complete the form and we will chase this for you.


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Re: Customer service

Hi @puppykins Thanks for updating us that you have received contact now and you have a case handler who is dealing with this for you. 


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