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Genuine call or Scam?

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I received a call from a lady saying they were BT and my internet connection had been compromised and action was needed to remove intruders.   They sent an email with a PIN number which looked genuine  and said this was proof they were BT so I would know it was not a scam.   They asked me to go to a fake BT security site . it was all logo'd up to look like a BT site but the graphics resolution  did not look right to me, they asked me to go to security on the menu and select Mac security and so I refused to go any further.  I asked them to email me  instructions to follow when I could access MyBT. They said they would and then hung up. so far no email.  So genuine call or Scam?

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Re: Genuine call or Scam?

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Please remove the link you have posted.

It is obviously a scam as the link you posted is not from the BT domain.

BT will NEVER cold call you to tell you that you have a compromised Internet connection.

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