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How can I close my BT Community account?

We are sorry to see you go ☹️


You can request the closure of your Community profile but sending a private message to one of our moderators asking for your profile to be closed.  Any one of these chaps will be able to help, @SeanD , @NeilO , @DanielS , @RobbieMac , @PaddyB , @JohnC2 , @DavidM , @StuartH 


Will all my personal information be removed from my profile?

Yes, once your account is closed, all Personally identifiable information (PII) will be removed.  This will include, Username, Avatar, Email address, IP address, First name, Last name, signature, homepage url, title, location and bio.


Will all my posts be removed?

No, all your contributions (posts) will remain in place on the Community.  This is because there will be no personally identifiable information included in public posts.  Our moderators would have removed this at the time of the post.  If, however, you believe there is personally identifiable information contained in one of your posts, please let us know at the time of your request so we can review this, prior to closing your profile.  Your username will be anonymised so all your post will not be linked back to you


What happens if I change my mind?

Once we initiate an account closure there is no way we can undo this.  All your information will be removed permanently.  You will be free to create a new profile, but we cannot retrieve your Community stats, i.e. posts, kudos, solutions




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