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Meet the Mods

We have updated the Mods profiles to give some more information of who we are and what we are about Smiley Happy


DaveM - Moderator

Head Quarters:  Enniskillen. Northern Ireland

Tunes::  Anything related to Thin Lizzy or rock / metal in general.

Books:  Mostly biographies but I'm a big fan of WW2 books.

Quality Movies:   I'd have to say Interview with the Vampire is my fav movie but anything horror or war related and I'm happy enough.

On the Box:  Crime documentaries or again anything war related at all.

Awesome Sports: Boxing

Where I spend my time on the tinterweb (when not here 😉😞 

Mostly Thin Lizzy or gig sites.

Pets: None

The World of DavidM: If you haven't already guessed I worship Thin Lizzy but rock / metal in general plays a huge part in my every day life. I enjoy the odd night out but live gigs or concerts is my big thing. I love going to gigs. I'm a lifelong Liverpool fan which causes quite a few tears!!!

Working in BT: I really love working here. It's easily the best job around.



PaddyB - Moderator

Head Quarters:  Enniskillen

Tunes::  Everything from Johnny Cash to The Beastie Boys to One Direction. I'm a big fan of the old school rap but enjoy good music.

Books:  I'm in the middle of reading the first book of The Game of Thrones

Quality Movies:   Full Metal Jacket, The Thin Red line, PS I Love you, The Godfather 1, 2 (the 3rd was okay and I see it as a necessary ending). An old classic would be Gone with the Wind.

On the Box:  Homeland, the Sopranos and The Wire. My favourite show on the box at the moment is Ex on the Beach and The Walking Dead, who doesn't love Zombies?!  I also Enjoy Holly Oaks and Coranation Street

Awesome Sports: Squash, Football (I'm a Liverpool supporter YNWA)

Where I spend my time on the tinterweb (when not here ;)):  Wikipedia, BBC News, YouTube.

Pets:  Miya, my Doberman and booboo my Chiwawa.

The World of PaddyB: Outside of BT when they take the chains off, I enjoy playing my Xbox, I'm a big Halo nut and love the game probably a bit to much. I'm originally from south Africa and live for my BBQ's roll on the summer 🙂

Working in BT: I have been working for BT for the last 7 years and have been a moderator for the last 3 years or so. During my time in BT I have worked everything from the BT Shop to Broadband orders Billing, PSTN and Broadband Faults.  I really enjoy my roll as a moderator and working in social media in general, I am always learning something new from the community in a forever changing landscape. I'm here to help if you need anything don't be afraid to give me a shout.



StuartH - Moderator

Head Quarters: Enniskillen

Tunes::  Anathema, Katatonia, Porcupine Tree, Clutch, Alabama Thunderpussy, Orange Goblin, Misfits and Down

Books:  not much of a reader but  in the past Hitch hikers guide, Terry Pratchetts Discworld Novels, Stephen Kings Pet Cemetary (the film adaptation was shameful

Quality Movies:   Star Wars (original Trilogy) Anchorman, Alien, Kill Bill, Ghostbusters

On the Box:  League of Gentlemen, Psychoville, The Thick of it, The Big Bang Theory

Awesome Sports: MMA, Rugby

Where I spend my time on the tinterweb (when not here ;)):  A lot of social media sites and PC Sites, I tend to bounce around some forums as well but mostly discussing online gaming and PC Hardware upgrades.

Pets:  Cat

The World of StuartH:

Bit of geek when it comes to computers and gadgets and enjoy trying to fix problems and have been known to open a pc for fun lol. Enjoy Music and play Bass in a band with a group of friends. Enjoy Travel but don't get the opportunity as much now that I am trying to be a grown up ;).

Working in BT:

Have worked for BT For best part of 8 years have done many jobs within the organisation all within Customer Service apart from a year where I was involved with Training and Development. I enjoy my role as a Forum Moderator and hope to continue within the area for the foreseeable future.



NeilO - Moderator

Head Quarters: Enniskillen

Tunes::  I like my dance tunes and I’m really getting into dutch house at the moment my favourite DJ’s are laidback luke and chuckie but I also listen to a lot of hip hop and dubstep and trance.

Books:  I don’t read many books the last one I read was broken angel (not very good) so I think it put me off.

Quality Movies:  Shawshank redemption, Jango unchained, lord of the rings, Avengers, Avatar

On the Box: Game of Thrones, Walking dead, Sopranos, Big bang theory, Masterchef.

Awesome Sports: I love watching F1 and Football. Man U are my team, occasionally also I try to play golf and I stress try.

Where I spend my time on the tinterweb (when not hereSmiley Wink): Youtube, ebay, Wikipedia, IGN gaming.

Pets: None

The World of NeilO: Outside of BT I like playing PS3 and I’ve recently built my first gaming PC. I also like clubbing and make an annual pilgrimage to Ibiza every year for a week of madness and dance music with my best friends.  Modifying and tinkering with cars has always been something that I’ve done and I can’t seem to leave any car I’ve owned standard for too long.  I’m also a keen cook and enjoy trying new recipes.

Working in BT: I’ve worked in BT since 2004 and have done almost every type of customer service role from line faults to director level complaints and moved over to the social media team a few years ago and up until recently I worked on the BTCare twitter and facebook pages. 



RobbieMac - Moderator

Head Quarters:  Enniskillen, Northern Ireland

Tunes: Enjoy listening to trance/house music mostly but I’m easy going and would be happy listening to most genre of music..

Books:  Not a big book reader to be honest. I find watching movies keeps my attention longer 😉

Quality Movies:  The Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, All the Die Hards, Bad Boys 1 & 2, The fourth Kind, Taken 1 & 2, Black Hawk Down, The Bond movies (even the older ones) and everything involving Eddie Murphy!!

On the Box:  Criminal Minds, The Inbetweeners, Celebrity Juice, Bear Grylls, The Cube, NCIS, Mythbusters, CSI and I enjoy anything presented by David Attenborough..

Awesome Sports:  My Favourite sport would have to be the footy and I’m a big Man Utd fan!  I enjoy “watching” snooker (as playing is much harder than the pros make it look) and I’m also well entertained watching the darts!

Where I spend my time on the tinterweb (when not here ;)):  I do the odd bit of surfing when I’m at home but most of my time is spent competing online on my PS4. 

Pets:  None

The World of Robbie: I’m an avid online gamer and most of the time I’m flat out on my PS4. 

Working in BT:  I’ve been working at BT now for the last 7 years and have worked in most areas of the business. Over the last 3 years I’ve been working in social media and have enjoyed every minute of it.  I’m excited about the journey ahead on the forum, getting to know all of you to share my knowledge and to learn from you guys too no doubt 😉



OlgaC - Moderator

Head Quarters:  Enniskillen, Northern Ireland

Tunes: I will listen to most types of music, from dance to rock. I can adapt to all styles of music and you could find me at any type of gig.

Books:  Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games, PS I Love You. 

Quality Movies: Taken, The goonies, The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The notebook, Step Brothers.

On the Box: 24, Breaking bad, Luther, CSI, Game of Thrones (the books are better Smiley Happy)

Awesome Sports:  I am into most sports and will happily spend an evening or weekends watching the football. I spend time watching boxing, darts it’s all spectator sports unfortunately.

Where I spend my time on the tinterweb (when not here Smiley Wink😞  Shopping, Social Networks and more shopping! I keep my postman busy!

Pets:  None

The World of Olga: In my spare time I enjoy going out socialising with my friends although it’s not as often as I would like nowadays Smiley Sad Going to the cinema and generally chilling out.

Working in BT: I have worked in BT for 6 years now starting with billing and then recently moving onto Social Media. I have been working on BT Sport for the past few months which I really enjoyed and I am looking forward to working on the Forum and learning new thingsSmiley Happy



JohnC2 - Moderator

Head Quarters:  Enniskillen. Northern Ireland

Tunes::  Anything bar U2, Country and Wobbly, and whatever Dave likes.

Books:  What are they?

Quality Movies:  Terminator, Shawshank Redemption and The Departed.

On the Box: Texas Rising, Gold Rush (looking to strike it rich and retire)

Awesome Sports: Football and Horse Racing

Where I spend my time on the tinterweb (when not here 😞  F365 to check Degsy’s tips, Holiday websites (longing for a bit of sunshine)

Pets: Ideal pet for me would be a Brick, like Father Jack, no looking after required.  

The World of JohnC2: work, football, a good pint and plenty of sleep.

Working in BT: How time flies. Too much work not enough hours!



DanielS - Moderator

Head Quarters:  Enniskillen. Northern Ireland

Tunes::  My taste is all over the place. I like anything from hardcore, trance, techno to heavy metal to traditional Irish.

Books:  I enjoy buying books about nutrition and fitness and then complaining that they just repeat the same garbage over and over. I’ll learn not to buy them some day.

Quality Movies: Kickboxer, Legionnaire, Universal Soldier, The Expendables (spot the theme yet?) Also any film with Arnie in it, even Hercules in New York solely for the “bear” fight.

I’m most looking forward to seeing Deadpool and Ip Man 3. I’m a big fan of Donnie Yen’s portrayal as Ip Man. I’m into most martial arts movies especially those with Jackie Chan,

Tony Jaa (Ong Bak) or Jet Li.

On the Box: NCIS, Sherlock, Elementary, Forever, Dexter, QI, Have I Got News For You, Mock The Week, Family Guy, American Dad, DBZ (never too old to watch it) and loads more.

Awesome Sports: MMA, Rugby, Kickboxing, Football.

Where I spend my time on the tinterweb (when not here 😞 I used to spend a lot of time on different picture/message boards but recently my time online is spent trying to learn more about networking for a course I’m doing.

Pets: My best mate Jake. He’s a 2 and a half year old dog and I’ve had him since we was born.

The World of DanielS: My world is about to change as I’m about to become a Dad any day now. Up until this point, I’d happily call myself a gamer. For MMO’s it’s the PC but I spend most of my gaming on the PS4 purely for FPS. No doubt that will all change soon. I enjoy learning new things and keep pushing to achieve new goals. I like to think of myself as a loyal person as evident by my continued support of Man United since Fergie’s departure.

Working in BT: I’ve been working for BT since 2009 and have a lot of experience with billing, orders but mainly technical help through our other social media platforms. I’m new to the mod team but you couldn’t ask for a better bunch of people to work with.



StephanieG - Community Manager

Head Quarters:  Enniskillen, Northern Ireland

Tunes:  A bit of everything (apart from anything headache-inducing!)

Books:  Too many to list! Favourite authors include Terry Pratchett, Steven Erikson, Isabel Allende, Pablo Choelo.

Quality Movies:  The Departed.

On the Box:  Homeland, The Walking Dear, Breaking Bad.

Awesome Sports:  Watching sports? None. Doing sports? Hm, does going for walks count? Occasional gym-goer.

Where I spend my time on the tinterweb (when not here ;)):  Reading blogs, tweeting, YouTube.

Pets:  None

The World of StephanieG:

I enjoy reading (mostly fantasy novels), and I have been known to dabble in astronomy.

I must say I am bit of a geek as well when it comes to fantasy and sci-fi books and movies, and I have been known to dabble into anything ranging from studying German to playing the guitar (so far quite badly, but I’m getting there!), though at the moment my main personal interest is astronomy. I am originally from Italy so at least I have the Italian language covered pretty well!

Working in BT:

I have been with BT since the 25/09/06 (I still remember the date!) and I initially worked taking billing calls. Since then, I have gained experience in pretty much every other aspect of customer service working via all sorts of mediums (calls, emails, Live Chat, blogs, Twitter, and – obviously – forums). I have been a moderator on this forum since its Beta inception and I now work with SeanD as Community Manager. My time in BT has been challenging at times but I've thoroughly enjoyed the experience and wouldn't change it!



SeanD - Community Manager

Head Quarters:  Enniskillen, Northern Ireland

Tunes::  Trance, (Above and Beyond, Armin Van Burren, Ferry Corsten, Paul Oakenfold) Rock (3 doors down, partial to a bit of ACDC).  Cant stand any sort of POP music

Books:  Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela

Quality Movies:   Inception, Black Hawk Down, The Ghost and the Darkness, IP Man 1 & 2, Ong Bak

On the Box:  Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, Person of Interest and Game of Thrones

Awesome Sports: MMA, Football, Rugby Union, Rugby Sevens, Golf, Boxing, Snooker

Where I spend my time on the tinterweb (when not here ;)):  YouTube, IMDB, Wikipedia

Pets:  None

The World of Sean D:

I’m an avid Man United Fan and enjoy socialising, in the pub or otherwise.  I love to travel, both around Ireland and abroad.  I would one-day love to see the Aurora Borealis.  I enjoy anything technical and love tinkering with computers, I’m by no way an expert but that’s part of the enjoyment.  I am also a huge Halo fan and enjoy the online aspect of battling it out with people all over the world.

Working in BT:

I have been with BT since 2006 and thoroughly enjoy my time here.  I started out in broadband sales, helping customers place orders when they were unable to do so online.  I have also worked on the old BT Shop Sales, Customer Services, doing orders and billing and BT Business live chat.  I started working on BT’s Social Media programme in 2008 and have been a moderator since the old Beta forum.  I am now one of the community managers and absolutely love my work.




Head Quarters:  Enniskillen, Northern Ireland

Tunes: Pretty much anything that falls into the category of Rock

Books: Anything by Michael Crichton, Stephen King or John Grisham, and yes the books are always better than the movies!

Quality Movies: The Dark Knight, Goodfellas, Predator, Cobra, Commando, Rocky, Argo, Skyfall

On the Box: I’ve generally given up on television with the exception of whatever is on GOLD or Dave (mainly old Top Gear episodes)

Awesome Sports: The vaguely Football-like sport that Liverpool FC play

Where I spend my time on the tinterweb (when not here ;)): Browsing various videogame forums, amazon, googling random stuff, getting a rise out of Man U fans on footy message boards  

Pets:  None

The World of Nigel: Spending time with my other half and watching sports (possibly involving the odd pint) Quite big into my videogames at the moment on the mighty Wii U

Working in BT: Since 2004 – started out doing calls and working my way up to doing social media via a couple of career detours… like the rest of the guys I love it and can’t imagine doing anything else

Community ManagerSeanD
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