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Online Scams

Online Scams,


This week we are highlighting Online scams.  Below is some interesting information and links to some great resources,


Be aware of online scams.  30% of scams happen online or via email.


Crime figures show a 60% rise in reported fraud in the last 5 years.  This has been boosted by a rise in online scams.


The Internet accounts for 84% of ID fraud.  A crime that costs UK consumers £3.3 billion a year!


Online shopping scams are the most common fraud in the UK, costing consumers £63.3 million last year.  Most consumers lose around £200


Do you use online dating?  Remain vigilant and be on the look out for scammers on dating sites.  They cost victims £24.5 million last year and often go unreported.


£670 million is the total cost to victims of the top ten online scams


Here is a great article from lifestyle which includes good advice on who to report it to if you believe you have been scammed, Who to contact if you believe you have been scammed



The metropolitan police website has a wealth of really good resources and is well worth checking out on a regular basis.  Here is the link to their website Metropolitan Police Fraud Alert


You can view the Met Police latest addition of The little book of big scams directly from this link, The little book of big scams


You can read all about scam awareness month over on the Citizen Advice Bureau website, check out Scam Awareness Month.


For more resources to protect yourself from all sorts of scams please see my previous thread on this subject, Scam Awareness




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