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Phishing Phone Calls

I recently updated my broadband package and two days later started to get calls from numbers 01985044630 and 02075578080. I was told that I would be losing my internet connection in 26 days. The calls started off with a posh male recorded voice saying they were from BT then l was asked to press 1 to talk to an advisor or 2 to disconnect my internet. The ascent was either African or Indian. They didn't know what broadband was so I ended the calls. I reported it to BT straightaway who confirmed it was a scam. Although I blocked these calls, they somehow by-passed the blocker. 

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Phishing Phone Calls


Nothing to do with BT.

If you respond, then they know there is a real person on the end, and will add you to a "suckers" list, and you will get even more calls, so just hang up and do not speak, or press any buttons.

They will also try to extract personal information from you.

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