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Community Manager
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Phishing website scam alert!

Hi Everyone,

We have recently seen reports from some customers about a new phishing website which appears like  These scams can be quite convincing as the website can look almost identical to the real thing.

The scammers in these scenarios direct you to their own website which looks like  They claim that you're missing some information from your account and that you should log in to webmail again to secure your access.

Please do not click on the link, the website and login portal is fake.  The websites URL is hXXps:// (I have altered the HTTPS part of the URL so this link cannot be clicked)


If you receive this email please do the following,


  • Forward the email to then delete it
  • If a suspicious link was clicked or attachment opened/downloaded then run a virus check on your computer
  • If bank details were given out then contact your bank immediately and change your online banking passwords


Here is an example of what the fake website looks like,

Website scam.png