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Community Manager
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Scam Alert: Phishing email pretending to come from BT Billing

Hi Everyone,

Our security team has noticed an increase in the number of phishing emails being sent which purport to be from BT Billing.  Within the 'Sent' field it will state 'Billing System' and the subject title may be 'Please check your billing details' 

The email informs the recipient that our payment processor has found incorrect or out of date billing information which must be corrected,  It claims that your service will be suspended if you do not update your info within 2 days.  You are then invited to click a link.  

This is a scam please do not click on the link.  If you receive this email please do the following,


  • Forward the email to then delete it
  • If a suspicious link was clicked or attachment opened/downloaded then run a virus check on your computer
  • If bank details were given out then contact your bank immediately and change your online banking passwords


Billing scam 15-12-20.png

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