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Scam Alert! Phone call followed by email, purporting to be from BT

Hi Everyone,

Scammers are putting more effort into trying to convince unsuspecting BT customers, that they are calling from BT.

There is a scam circulating in which a caller states that they are calling from BT as they have noticed suspicious activity on your IP address and they are calling to help.

While on the call the scammer will try and convince you that they are calling from BT by sending you an email with the same claims that they have made during the call i.e. that they are calling because of suspicious activity on your IP address

This is a scam so please hang up immediately.  If the fraudster is pretending to be from BT and has taken over your PC remotely, or, bank details have been compromised,

  • Run a virus check on your computer
  • If bank details were given out then contact your bank immediately and change your online banking passwords
  • Report the call through Report a scam call 
  • BT Call Protect is a free service that controls and prevents unwanted calls
  • For mobile calls check your app store for call blocking apps


This is an example of what the email may look like,

Security Scam.png