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Scam Alert! Zoom video conferencing platform fake text message

Hi everyone,

We have been alerted to a new SMS scam in which the bad actors are sending out SMS messages claiming that they are from Zoom, the video conferencing platform.  The text message claims that you have a voicemail on the platform and to listen to the message you must dial a premium rate telephone number.

This text message does not come from Zoom and if you call the number the call will cost £6 plus access charges.  There is no voicemail this is a scam.

This particular scam is not directed solely at BT customers but with the rise in usage on this platform, we thought it best to highlight this particular scam so customers can remain vigilant.  

The good folks over at the Phone-paid Services Authority(PSA) have published a warning on their website which includes a copy of the text message.  You can read the full article here, Be vigilant of texts claiming to be from Zoom 



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