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Tags are a handy way of categorising or summarising content – they help posters quickly find relevant information when they are searching for something specific.


The bottom of each board has a “Top Tags” and “Top taggers” section, which looks like this:


Tags 1.png


Using tags is helpful when someone is searching for something specific.


For example, searching for “YouView error message” will bring up a lot of results:


Tags 2.png


Whereas searching for a specific error message will yield much more relevant results, and will include any relevant tags that have been included in the post:


Tags 3.png


So, how do you tag a post?


When you are writing a post or replying to one, there is a box on the right-hand side which allows you to add your tags:


Tags 4.png


NOTE: This option isn’t available when you “Quick reply”.

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