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Community Manager - Retired
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Welcome to the BT Community Forum


What’s it all about?  If you are new to the world of forums then a brief explanation is called for.  An online forum is a place whereby people can go to interact with other people on certain subjects.  There are millions of forums live today on the World Wide Web each covering every subject you can imagine and each with a different goal.  The BT Community forum is a support forum whereby BT customers can interact with other BT customers with the aim of either seeking help and advice or offering expertise to help other customers.  The goal of our forum is to give customers an arena to share their expertise and experience with one another.

Why should I check it out?  I am glad you asked.  With any of the services that we offer, be that your broadband connection, phone, TV, mobile service or our billing, things can go wrong.  Our support forum gives you another option of getting the help you need.  If you would prefer not to call us or drop us an email or letter then you have the option of joining the forum so that you can ask help and advice from other customers who may have experienced a similar issue.  The forum brings together like minded customers with a wide range of expertise.  We recognise that in today’s world a high percentage of customers would prefer to help themselves without having to contact BT directly, and the forum is another tool to achieve just that.

What are the benefits for me?  You have heard the saying that two heads are better than one?  Well the forum provides a platform where hundreds of minds can come together.  Posting a message on our forum gives you the opportunity of receiving help and advice from 100’s of other customers all with their own area of expertise, no matter how complex or difficult your question may be.  This gives you a great opportunity of not only sorting out your issue without having to contact BT directly but you can learn a great deal from other customers.  As our forum is customer to customer support then you have the opportunity to share your expertise and experience with other customers running into problems.  Quite a nice side effect of using a forum is the opportunity for creating relationships with like-minded people.

How does it all work? 

Rest assured joining and creating discussions on the forum is very easy.  Let’s look at the 3 main steps, registering, searching and posting.  To ensure the forum is a productive and friendly place to be, our forum has some rules, before registering we strongly recommend that you read these, please see BT Community Forum guidelines

  • Registering

First things first, create a profile.  This just means selecting a username that you will be known by on the forum.  Click on the 'Sign in' option which is located at top right hand side of the homepage, then click on the 'register here' link.  This will then present a registration form which will only take a minute or two to completeRegister.png Register form.png


  •  Searching

There is a high possibility that somewhere along the line another user has experienced the same problem as you and they may have solutions for you.  Before creating your own thread why not run a search to see if your question has been asked before.  This could save you a great deal of time.  To search just enter your question or key words into the search bar at the top of the community’s home page 

 New search bar.png


  • Posting

Before you ask your question you need to consider which area or board will best serve the posting of your question.  This is important as it will ensure that your post will be read by other users who have experience and expertise to share for that specific subject, for example, posting a broadband problem in our TV section will mean that your post will be read by other users who are offering advice on TV issues and not broadband.   That's not to say you won't get an answer but your chances are increased by posting in the right area.  To post you just need to click on Post a question.png, which can be found on the homepage, category page and at the top of each board.  Once you click on post a question you will see a drop down list to select which board you would like your message to go to.


And that is it, following the above steps you have registered on the forum, you have searched existing threads to see if your question has been asked before and you have created your very own thread.  Well done! I am sure you will agree that there wasn't much to that.  Once you have posted you can sit back and wait for replies.  There are many other fascinating and exciting things you can do once registered on the forum and you will find a guide from this link, Getting Started & Top Tips 

The only official presence from BT on our forum is our team of friendly moderators and a few subject matter experts.  We can be clearly identified by our title underneath our usernames as well as by the signatures we use.

Cheers Sean