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0800 9539030 Guidence Please

Had a phone call a few days back from this number whilist i was out. Rang it back saying it was BT services. Anyway they phoned again this evening saying that as a loyal cust of BT my Broadband could be reduced by about £2 a month on a new 12 month contract. Seemed a good idea as i new my 18 month contact was up recently so said o.k. Seemed a bit strange when he asked for my postcode for security... which foolishly i gave out...nothing else apart from confirming my email address he read out to me 1st. He told me his name was Mohammad and he would be sending me an email very shortly to confirm...2hrs plus later no email. I have checked out and the number relates to CCA int and form what i can gather this company although listed on BT website as a trusted partner they are nothing but a pain to put it politely. Should i be worried/what should i do. I have sent an email to BT. But from what i can gather BT seem little interested if you contact them if you go by some of the forums on google searches.


Please could someone reply A.S.A.P





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Re: 0800 9539030 Guidence Please

BT do phone up and offer £2 off per month to renew a contract, so it could well have been genuine.


Mind you, you could have got a much better offer by phoning up BT and telling them that you are thinking of switching to another provider.

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Re: 0800 9539030 Guidence Please

Called by MOHAMMAD-the mind boggles-is it a mission?  

In the end we will all be star dust.
Then start all over again.
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