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1.4km from this the end?

My BT Infinity installation failed as I am 1.4km from where the cabinet has been sited.

I live about half a mile from the edge of the town


Now what?

Have I been abandoned for all eternity?

Are there any bespoke solutions?

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Re: 1.4km from this the end?

Hi iaintaylor,


The Fibre infrastructure and "last mile" infrastructure that BT Retail and other ISPs use for their fibre broadband services/products (exluding Cable or KCom networks) are owned, installed and maintained by Openreach.


1) What does it say  in the grid when you enter your landline number into the BT Wholesale database? . Please copy and paste the "Grid" with all the available services for your line into a new post.

If you don't have a BT Wholesale reconisable number then try your Address here:

Remember to delete your landline number or address before posting it here.



2) FTTC fibre broadband uses VDSL2 signals that travel from the FTTC cabinet to your property via the existing copper (sometimes aluminium) line and can currently achieve upto 80mbps. The further away you are from your FTTC cabinet the slower the fibre FTTC broadband will be.


However VDSL/2 signals used for FTTC broadband connection degrade far quicker in terms of distance than conventional ADSL broadband signal do.


Generally speaking if your landline is over 1500 meters in length from the FTTC cabinet to your property then you may not be able to get BT Infinity as you may not be able to achieve over 15mbps, though maybe able to get BT Retail's sub 15mbps FTTC fibre broadband service called BT Faster Unlimited broadband (FTTC) if your line can cope with the VDSL/2 higher frequencies.


Here is a graph that shows the ADSL(G.DMT,ADSL2 and ADSL2+) and VDSL/2 (FTTC) signal with distance. Please be aware that all ADSL connections are depend on distance from local exchange, where as FTTC (VDSL/2) connections are depend on distance from your FTTC (DSLAM) cabinet. Though all connection types are also depend on line quality. 


This graph is also just a general estimation of what the speed could be achieved and not the actual speed you will receive. Also your line maybe longer than you would think as it may not go the direct way to either the cabinet.


There is a thing called FTTP on Demand (FTTPoD) where FTTC areas can request to get FTTP installed to their property if their exchange has been allows FTTPoD (though this is not supported by any ISPs at the moment), though may cost you thousands if you go down this route once ISPs take up this FTTPoD service.

jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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Re: 1.4km from this the end?

i am 1.3 miles from the fttc cab and i get 7.5 download on vdsl

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Re: 1.4km from this the end?

Telephone Number xx on Exchange PRESTWICK is served by Cabinet 11


Prods                          Dnstrm      Upstrm   Dnstrm Rnge     Avail Date    

FTTC Range A (Clean)19131.20.8--Available
FTTC Range B (Impacted)15.9710.6--Available
WBC ADSL 2+Up to 2--1 to 3.5Capacity expected 28 March 2014
WBC ADSL 2+ Annex MUp to 2Up to 0.51 to 3.5Capacity expected 28 March 2014
ADSL MaxUp to 1.5--1 to 2.5Available
WBC Fixed Rate0.5----Available
Fixed Rate0.5----Available
Other Offerings
Fibre Multicast------Available
Copper Multicast------Available
BETUp to 2----Available


These are my local figures and on ADSL I get 4.5 Mbps despite the gloomy prediction above

The graph you posted seems to show only a modest improvement possible but mentions a more expensive option of requested FTTP

Whats the best option for me?



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Re: 1.4km from this the end?



Unless you have pots of money FTTP will not be a realistic option for you, see links. You can get FTTC which would be an improvement over ADSL but at best you will get 19Mbps provided you have a good line.


 This link has the new costs, £99+VAT per month.

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Re: 1.4km from this the end?

FTTC was giving 5.1 Mbps and the installing engineer warned that it might (and often did) drop hence I assessed that it was useless as an upgrade.

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Re: 1.4km from this the end?

Google satellite broadband - not fast or necessarily cheap but could be a viable alternative.

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Re: 1.4km from this the end?

Sadly the combination of trees, latency and download limits kill the satellite option

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Re: 1.4km from this the end?

Interestingly, BT insist that the connection should be giving 15mbps and want to try again

Fingers crossed..

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Re: 1.4km from this the end?

BT are wasting their time, an engineers time and yours. If your 1400m away from the PCP and by the sounds of it quite rural, meaning the network there is just a patch up of many many cable joints using several different conductors that most probably date prior to 1970 then you will not see 15mbps.
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