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1 laptop drains the speed from 9mb/s to 0.91mb/s

Hi everyone! currently i have a good 9mb speed going on while even up to 3 laptops and a computer are hooked up to it! which i thought was impressive.



this room mate has moved in with his laptop and as soon as his laptop is logged on, the speed goes WAY down do even under 1mb/s! its rediculous!


i will be sitting in my room and i can tell that he turned his laptop on because all of my browsing just goes to a stand still which is very frustrating.


I discussed the problem with him and he reluctantly let me just have a quick look at his laptop. He has 2 years of Norton anti virus installed, but he also has bit torrent and other torrent programs which i think is causing botnet problems i.e. the internet speed is being drained WAY down because malware is remotely accessing his laptop over the broadband which is depleting it drastically.


Even though he has scanned his computer and removed as many virus's as possible, it still persists to happen. and now he wont let me access his laptop anymore because he thinks i will break it.


is there ANY way that i can tweak around my router settings and limit the amount of bandwidth his laptop is taking up? its becoming beyond unbearable now and he is an ignorent person who thinks his laptop is fine and he blames it on others.




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Re: 1 laptop drains the speed from 9mb/s to 0.91mb/s


You can't get a BT hub to ration bandwidth, though I understand that there other routers wirth that facility. I'm sure someone will be along later with some relevant advice.


If you're in charge of the hub you could change the wireless key and refuse the offender access until he gets his laptop sorted or modifies his usage. You can also disconnect him from the hub though that wouldn't prevent him reconnecting straight away.

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Re: 1 laptop drains the speed from 9mb/s to 0.91mb/s

If you disable uPNP on your home hub, that will cripple any bittorrent connections unless ports are manually forwarded.

Restart the home hub after you have done it, to clear any existing mapping.


Or see this alternative router.


Using the TP-Link TD-W8960N on ADSL       


This has bandwidth controls.


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