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1 st bill & now am fuming grrrrrrr

I am a new user who signed up for phone & broadband on monthly billing at £27 a month payable by direct debit


My 1st bill arrived today & I am being charged for the last month & 3 months in advance, no where on the sign up pages does it say I had to pay 3 months in advance, now I am being told my direct debit will be increased to £50 per month, I  did not agree to this & would not have joined BT if this had been made clear to me, I feel conned to say the least.


Second point my phone was not activated for 5 days & I had to make numerous expensive calls on my mobile to resolve & was ensured bt billing would start from when the phone was active, of course I have been charged from the date of the engineers visit.


Far from happy

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Re: 1 st bill & now am fuming grrrrrrr

tyr live caht and see if you can sort it out 

live chat

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Re: 1 st bill & now am fuming grrrrrrr

It sounds like you have been put on a monthly payment plan. You would be better off with monthly whole bill direct debit.


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Re: 1 st bill & now am fuming grrrrrrr

It sounds like they have put you on quarterly billing, for no obvious reason.  BT have always charged fixed fees in advance, but there's no good reason why you should be paying 3 months in advance.


The simplest way to sort out the billing from the wrong date would be to get a refund for the lost days on your next bill.  that's what they normally do if you have a line fault for more than 3 days.


Live chat can be found using the "Contact Us" link at the top of this page.

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Re: 1 st bill & now am fuming grrrrrrr

These pages should help.


What is a Monthly Payment Plan?

What is a Whole Bill Direct Debit?


The first one involves set monthly payments based on an estimate. The estimate is reviewed from time to time taking into account past usage and any credit/debt you might have built up. 

The second one involves accurate variable monthly/quarterly payments based on exact package cost and actual usage. No estimates involved.


Did you purposely select the monthly payment plan? It generates a fair few complaints on this forum due to the estimates often being set heavily in BT's favour. Not sure about the 3 months in advance. Possibly it's in the monthly payment plan terms and conditions? I use monthly Whole Bill Direct Debit myself.

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Re: 1 st bill & now am fuming grrrrrrr

The Monthly Payment Plan was devised back in the day when a phone line was just what it said - a phone line. The only regular charges were for the line plus calls; call charges could fluctuate considerably month to month and the MPP was a good way to even out your payments.


In these days of packages and call plans the MPP has simply outlived its usefulness; it's beset with anomalies and more trouble than its worth for most people. Monthly whole billing is a far better option overall and generally works well, but there are downsides in that you can't choose your direct debit date (it's fixed at about 8 days after each bill) and that any one-off charges can't be spread over the following quarter.


I would switch to monthly billing straight away. If you're in credit the surplus will be applied to successive bills until it's used up.

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