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12 days and counting without bt broadband!

We have never had great broadband in our house since moving in 2 years ago - at first bt told us we couldn't have it (the joys of being at the end of a "long line" in the countryside) then eventually they agreed to send us a hub to try - it worked, if not as fast as we would like but better than nothing!  We lost our broadband signal about 12 days ago now.  My husband is now practically on first name terms with call centre staff in India! Who I must say have been helpful and have called back when they said they would and have followed up after engineers visits etc.  BT in Northern Ireland on the other hand have been little of no use whatsoever!  They tried to resolve the issue remotely at first, then engineers were to call at our house - they didn't appear despite me waiting in, but then we got a call to say it was working - it wasn't!  2 days later they did call out and changed the box where our line comes in - which apparently fixed it - or not - whatever they did do left us with no phone either!  After further calls from us the phone was back the following day.  We have received several phone calls to say its working when it clearly isn't and were told it would be back on by 5pm yesterday - eh no - last night we were again told they would aim to fix it within 2 days.  I don't consider myself an unreasonable person - but 14 days to fix a fault seems extraordinary in this day and age!  I am amazed at how calm my husband has been during his numerous calls - better he continues to do it than me I might find it difficult to remain so polite at this stage!  Is this normal for bt broadband problems?  Furthermore can I assume we will not be charged for this period or is that something we will need to chase up ourselves again??

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Re: 12 days and counting without bt broadband!

Still no resolution! Apart from phone line being so crackly it's unusable' still Call centre staff in India v helpful and engineers or lack of absolutely not! Unbelievable!
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Re: 12 days and counting without bt broadband!

Contact one of the BT moderators by e-mail or PM, they might do something if your lucky, BT sucks for support, sorry to say it, but they are rubbish..........Smiley Sad

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Re: 12 days and counting without bt broadband!

If your phone line is very noisy when making calls then try the quite line test - 17070 option 2 - best done with a wired phone and you should hear nothing.  When you do the quite line test use the test socket if you have one.  This eliminates your wiring as being part of the problem.  If the noise is not caused by your wires then phone BT faults on 151 and report a noise fault on the phone line - do not mention broadband. Be aware that if the fault is found to be in your wiring then BT will charge for the call out.


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Re: 12 days and counting without bt broadband!

My horribly biased commenting continues, fantastic service, worth every penny 😄

Oh wait... Yours isn't working either, useless call centre staff failing you? Woo!

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Re: 12 days and counting without bt broadband!

Hi Annie1,


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry you're having problems with the connection. I can check what's going on if you wish. Drop me an email with your account details and a link to this post for reference. You'll find the address in my profile.





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