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123 BT unwanted calls charge

Since I have switched from Virgin to BT I have been charged an extract and additional fee of an average of £3 to £5 per month for calls that I do not make. All calls are made to 123 and whilst I have raised this issue several times with BT  the problem still remains. Does anyone have the same problem? Or most important, does anyone have managed to solve this issue please?

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Re: 123 BT unwanted calls charge

Have you had any engineers visit or reported any line problems?

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Re: 123 BT unwanted calls charge

try searching forum for 'call to 123'  there are numerous similar posts to yours which may help  most had money refunded

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Re: 123 BT unwanted calls charge

Hi @Valerie1968 thanks for posting.  I'm sorry to see you've a complaint regarding the 123 calls on your bill, these calls are to the speaking clock and cost 50p per call.

Do you have any equipment like alarm system that may be automatically dialling this number to check the line is in working order? 

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Re: 123 BT unwanted calls charge

Virginmedia charge for speaking clock, so that would have been shown when the OP was with them - unless they had a package which included it ...

There is a potential chance of some form of crossed line since being moved.

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