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£130 charge?? cant risk paying this on a "less than likely chance" what should i do??

So Saturday 20th i go home and my broadband has stopped working, then i realise my phone has no dial tone 😞


So i call them up on my mobile, get through to a live person!! and it turns out they have diverted me to a emergency line for motorways/??  do not understand this one.  Try again, get through someone who didnt understand english 😕 and he told me to call a number and select options 4 then 2 then 1 ... which sent me to some other wrong line who cant help me!

at this point im getting pretty annoyed


I eventually get through, and she tells me to do some checks after she tests my line .the test was Unscrewing the main socket and plugging a phone direct in there... no change to the tone


So she said it was pretty likely to be BT's fault


She then reads me out some paragraph about a £130 charge from an engineer if its not BT's fault

and asks if i would like to continue to send out an engineer


£130 is a lot of money right now, i am already paying stupendous money on this. and have many other bills to pay as i am sure do the rest of you.

I asked her to explain more thoroughly 

she was getting pretty impatient


i told her i didnt want to risk it even though she kept repeating "not very likely"

but i dont know what else i can do 😞 


can anyone help me!?!?!


Thanks Jackie

email me on xxxxxxxxxxxx for any help

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Re: £130 charge?? cant risk paying this on a "less than likely chance" what should i do??

Welcome to the forum.


Sounds like you need to run a fault test online from your mobile if you have one, or via 150 if you dont.


What you must do now, is remove your email details - this is a public forum and you'll have every spammer going if you are not careful Smiley Wink


Use the PM facility for personal messages on here.


Let us know how you get on.

"Welcome to Royston Vasey - You'll never leave."

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Re: £130 charge?? cant risk paying this on a "less than likely chance" what should i do??

Is your dial tone working at this time.?
If not and your OR modem [the white box] has only the power light lit,DSL and LAN1 lights out,then you have no connection at all.?
If the above is the case then imo the only solution would be to get an engineer out to fix it.
But,if the connection comes back to life on it`s own [unlikely],you could then cancel the engineer visit before he arrives,because if he arrives and finds that the dial tone and internet are in fact working [unlikely] a charge could be made for an unneeded visit.
Tricky choice to make but hope you get it sorted.

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