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1571 and Digital Voice

Having just moved over to Digital Voice we decided to take advantage of the 1571 answering service which is included in the package.  So I replaced our old desk phone which has its own internal answerphone with a new BT Decor 2200 which has a 1571 button to call the BT service, which is supposed to light up when you have a message waiting.  It does not light up - so we have no way of knowing from this phone that there is a message waiting for us.  Has anyone else encountered this problem?  And if it doesn't work on this phone, does that mean that all phones with a 1571 facility won't work with Digital Voice?  (I know the new Advanced Digital Home phone does work OK, but I need the desk phone as well). So I've sent the new phone back and put back the old one.  So much for progress.   

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Re: 1571 and Digital Voice

were you using the phone socket on the back of the SH2?

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Re: 1571 and Digital Voice

Yes, it plugs in to the back of the router directly.

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