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17 Years

We have lived at our current address for 17 years and our line has never functioned correctly.  If it is raining we lose it, if it is windy we lose it, sometimes it does work when it is windy and raining but the noise is so bad you cannot hear the caller.  One engineer told us that the line had been damaged by a shotgun but as it ran through a holly tree they would not be changing it, another had a different story - the box on the pole on our land had some bad connectors, it would seem whoever complains last gets shifted onto a decent set and one of the rest of us gets put back onto a bad set.  I do not know if this is true or not but I do know that I would like a working telephone line.  I am not after superfast broadband - impossible on our line anyway as is any kind of broadband, we have to pay a premium for a wireless system - just a telephone that works.

We reported our last fault over two weeks ago, an engineer came and was here some time, he said he would return the next day with a cherry picker as he could not use his ladder.  This he did and after more fiddling he pronounced it fixed, his fix lasted a couple of hours so I duly reopened the case on the BT website as not resolved.  BT up to this point had been very good sending update texts and the engineer even rang to say he was coming.  After the so called fix and the reopening of the case we did not get any texts, BT did send an engineer but with no attempt to contact us we were out, he left a card.  I had to travel for the next few days but thought that BT would make an effort to return to fix this fault.  However since then there has been no effort on their part at all and we have now been without a landline for 17 days, yesterday I sent a complaint (no reply as yet) and today I had to once again report the fault to get the whole thing moving once more.

I think we have been very patient given the length of time we have experienced problems with our line and as we do live in a rural area we accept that there are issues in providing a telephone service which would never arise in an urban setting.

Is it too much to ask for a working telephone?  I bet we will not get 2 weeks line rental deducted from our next bill and if we tried to do that ourselves I would imagine BT would contact us rather swiftly.  I am deeply unimpressed with their service and am rapidly reaching the conclusion they just don't care.  Surely it would have been cheaper for them to do a decent repair in the first place than have us call out engineers on a regualr basis.

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Re: 17 Years

unfortunately it is outside BT retail your providers hands as the network is supplied and maintained by Openreach on behalf of all providers all they can do is to report the fault to Openreach for them to attend BT retail will only be able to give you the information they are given by Openreach
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