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2 month wait for fibre -customer service terrible

I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience to what we currently have.
It started around Christmas, I phoned up to pay a bill for an elderly relative (she doesn't use direct debit so I have to pay over the phone for her) and was told that we could save money if we went to a bundle as she was on separate internet and call packages.

BT infinity was sold to me, but then when they checked they found that the area we lived was oversubscribed and there was no room at the cabinet for another fibre connection. We were told to keep calling back to check and see if there was room. So everyday I'd call up or check the openreach website.
After a month of this I checked and yes there was room, so I spent an hour or so going through all the stuff on the phone to change over my relative to a BT infinity package. I was given an activation date of February 12th and told to switch the router when it arrived.

I switched the router over when arrived and set it up, the internet was working fine. A few days later on the 12th the router shuts off, also the telephone line shuts off. Now, my relative is elderly and has an alarm that she wears on a necklace incase she has a fall. If she were to trigger the alarm it would call an operator and they would send help. So she has no internet, no phone and with no warning at all. I hadn't been told the phone line would go off, just that the router would flash purple.

When I arrive later she is very upset about everything and confused as to what happened. I call BT and am told that they were having trouble activating the line and that it would be sorted on the 14th, I was abit annoyed but what could I do?

Today I come back to find that the phone has gone of again, the internet too. She has been without her alarm for several hours, I call BT to find out what's been going on and am told that there is no room in the cabinet, that the engineer tried but they will have to connect this to another cabinet and that we wouldn't know any more until the 19th. I explain about her alarm, the changing dates and the frustration of it all but they can't or won't do anything.

What am I supposed to do? I feel like we're being messed about here and they don't seem able to.pepvide us with what we were sold. I am very angry that they have not made an attempt to contact us when the circumstances change, all the information has come from me making the time to call them up!

TL:DR: BT said we'd get upgraded on the 12th, then the 14th and now the 19th. No attempt to notify us and have made a simple upgrade into a 2 month long saga of **bleep**.
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Re: 2 month wait for fibre -customer service terrible

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: 2 month wait for fibre -customer service terrible

@Username01 I'm really sorry about the delay activating your relatives BT service. Please use the 'click here to contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details and we'll find out what's going on. You'll find the link by clicking on my username.



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Re: 2 month wait for fibre -customer service terrible

I thought I would make an update.


I'd like to say that It had all been sorted and that I was not connected properly. Unfortunately the 19th came and went with no call from BT, I ended up making the call myself. I was told that they were having issues getting it routed properly and that we would definitely have fibre by the 21st . I was upset as you'd expect. Today I receive a call from a foreign callcenter, I could barely understand what the lady was saying and she got very aggressive when I asked to speak to her manager as she just wasn't making herself clear. She said we would get a call back soon.


2 hours later and I had to go out so I called BT, spoke to someone called Martin who put me on hold while he spoke to an engineer. He came back after a few minutes to inform me that the order had been cancelled 10 minutes ago. The order would two days to clear the system and I would need to make another on the 26th because weekends don't count apparently. They were going to expedite my new order that I will have to make on the 26th and hopefully I should have internet by March! 


What are BT playing at? The way you treat customers is awful, you can't expect to lie and give different reasons for problems every time and then add a few days to give yourselves some time to work out whats wrong its just not on. I am so close to just cancelling every service we have with you, you can't manage to connect fibre to an existing customer what level of trust should I have in you being able to provide a decent service going forward? 


I really regret getting BT, I never will again. I've never had such awful service.

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Re: 2 month wait for fibre -customer service terrible

Did you take up the mod offer of help by completing the form following the mod contact mod link?

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