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Will we ever see a BBC option for BT T.V?

As in "opt in" or "opt out" paying a separate fee (t.v license) for unwanted content because of.... Olden time job roles.

Reasons are the t.v license doesn't seem to fit in with modern day media and ofcom are just out of touch with it all.


  • Secondly do BT delete BBC license questions from the forum?
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Re: 2 questions

There remains a valid case for a public service TV service not funded by subscription nor by advertising revenue. What is outmoded is how that is funded currently based on a model when relatively few people had access to the service. I think it should now be funded from central taxation via a suitable hands off mechanism to protect it from direct government interference.  Until then people should just suck it up and pay their legal due as they have to do for schools and hospitals and the emergency services which they may be fortunate enough to never have to use.

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