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Re: 22.17.0 software update

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Got it on my G4 last night..  

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Re: 22.17.0 software update - Humax DTRT1000 locks up every morning

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I'm having a problem with 22.17.0. I'm assuming it installed on my Humax DTRT1000 in the early hours of 28th Feb and I have had a problem each morning since when I switch on the PVR.

The problem is after switching on it starts to boot then sits with the "Nearly There" screen indefinately (I've left it for 1 hour and it has not completed).

If I then switch off using the power button at the rear and switch back on it boots up fully and a channel is displayed (BBC1); however, the PVR does not repsond to any input (remote or front panel buttons) and I cannot change channel or display the guide or menu. If I switch off-on again (from the back panel switch) it does the same again.


I have been able to unlock the PVR by going into Maintenance Mode then selecting "Software Reset (recommended)" which reboots the PVR and it then starts up correctly and I can change channel and access the guide and menu. I can also switch the PVR off and back on using the front panel button and all is ok.

However, the next morning when I switch the PVR on the same problem re-occurs i.e. it sticks on the "Hearly There" screen and if I reboot it is locked on one channel. Note, I switch the PVR off using the front panel button the night before.

It may help you to know that after doing the software reset in Maintenance Mode I could re-create the problem without waiting untill the next morning; I did this by going into the Settings menu and selecting Device Management->  Software Update-> Get Update ... the PVR then reboots after which it is locked to one channel again.

Sofware Versions screen details:
Manufacturer software: 22.17.0
Component software: 2.10.28
Platform Config: 1467

Hardware details:
Humax DTRT1000
Variant: 80B08500
Serial No: +067002+1335015520
Identifier: DCD321-DTRT1000-070a346d




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Re: 22.17.0 software update - Humax DTRT1000 locks up every morning

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Just realised that they have fixed the Info display so that it no longer hides the Series and Episode numbers. A small improvement maybe but a very welcome one. 🙂
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