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3 Doors away and 20mb faster - Why?

I have had Infinity 2 installed for a while now. After the upgrade I initially got around 57mb/12mb but for some reason this has now dropped back to around 48mb/12mb while I am relatively happy with the speed I would still like to get a higher speed if it is possible.

This brings me to the point of this post. My mother lives 3 doors away from me in the same row of houses. We are connected to the same BT telephone pole situated across the street. She had fibre optic installed from Talktalk on Tuesday this week and after speedtesting she is getting speeds of 69.5mb/15mb


I'm a little bit miffed as I would expect to be getting the same speeds if I am only 3 doors away. The houses are identical and connected to the pole in the same way. She has a Openreach modem but it looks newer than mine. Maybe this is why she is getting better speeds? Hoping a moderator will see this and arrange for someone to check out why it is so much slower and maybe send me a new modem as I think mine may be responsible. I never got the replacement a few months ago. My PC is connected directly to the router via ethernet while mums is connected via 500mb powerline adapters.

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Re: 3 Doors away and 20mb faster - Why?

Hi, as people join Infinity your connection speed might drop a little. This is because the way the signal causes more crosstalk with other telephone lines and therefore your speed will drop.

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Re: 3 Doors away and 20mb faster - Why?

Changing the Modem will have no affect on your speed the differences are more likely with external wiring also your Mothers line is still within its training period so the speed could change as the line stabilises you have to remember no two phone line are the same
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