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3 Missed broadband appointments and counting!!


  I'm hoping someone can help me out, advise me, or just listen to me rant for a few minutes.  I ordered BT infinity 2 and a BT phone line at the begining of November and was given an instalation date of the 18th.  A couple of days before I recieve a SMS text regarding the appointment, so I ring BT and I'm told they can't install the broadband on the 18th but couldn't tell me why until the 19th when someone would call me back, the lady did make a vague reference to the word 'port' which is all I was told.  The 18th comes around and an engineer turns up and installs the phone line, no issues.


On the 19th I'm called and told they don't like to install the broadband until they know the newly installed phone line is working, which although annoying concidering they made the appointments, is understandable.  I am then told they have to cancel the order and start a new one, which the lady does, she tells me theres no problem, nothing to worry about even tells me they will sort me out with compensation once the broadband is installed.


The new install date was the 2nd of December which was another 2 weeks but I was ok with that, plus it gave me time to arrange the day off work.  A couple of days later I recieve a SMS txt telling me someone was going to call me 2 days later regarding my order.  The 2 days pass and I call BT and I'm told the date has been changed to the 5th, it's no problem, nothing to worry about.


By now I've put my holiday in at work, so now my wife has to book a day off for the 5th.  Today (26th Nov) I have recieved an SMS text regarding 'The delay in activation of your services', someone will call me in 2 days to discuss this.  I rang BT on the number given in the text and spoke to a guy, the only piece of useful information I got from him was that there are no ports available in my local exchange and they need an engineer to install aditional ports into the box before my broadband can be connected.


I'm guessing I now have to wait the 2 days for someone to call me at which point they will no doubt cancel my order and rearrage another.


So far me and my wife have used 3 days holiday with more on the cards, and it annoys me that when I spoke to BT on my first call they obviously new the problem was there were no ports available.  I actually feel a little cheated that they waited until the phone line was connected before raising any issues. 


If anyone can help me get this sorted out, point me in the right direction that would be great.  Me and my wife don't have many holidays left and can't afford to waste them on missed appointments.




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Re: 3 Missed broadband appointments and counting!!

Sounds like they've run out of FTTC Ports in the cab. It might take some time for an Engineer to fit a new Fibre Card, it's a specialised job that only certain engineers can do...

Also if they have to pull in new Copper Tails to the PCP from the DSLAM then that will take even longer!
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