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3 months for engineer appointment

I ordered BT broadband on 12/12/2020 and the date for engineer visit was supposed to be on 28/01/2021 (that is a waiting time of 1 month and two weeks). For some reason my appointment was missed by Engineers and there was prior information about it. I contacted BT on the evening of 28/01/21 and I was told that they would give me an earliest appointment. But today I received a text saying the appointment is being booked for 30/03/2021 which by the way IS THE EARLIEST available date according to you. On no grounds this is acceptable under any standards. I understand there are delays due to COVID but customers who have been given dates for installation should have been kept in loop about possible delays and not kept in dark.

All these days I was under the impression, that work is being carried out outside my property and I was looking forward for the day the service would go live. So I have waited for 1 months and 2 weeks for no reason and it is ridiculous to wait for another 2 months (under the alleged promise) for the next appointment. In this day and age it is laughable to wait for a quarter of year to get a broadband connection. I did not miss the appointment but it your problem. Why should I be penalised for whatever reason my appointment was missed?

Also, as I am typing this post it is 45 minutes since I am in the queue to speak to customer care. Please do not suggest BT hotspot. The service is very poor in my flats and connection keeps breaking. I am tired of waiting and disappointed. I can not take it anymore.

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Re: 3 months for engineer appointment

This is a customer help customer forum and your post does not go to BT

From your post are you getting FTTP?  Are you a new customer or are you upgrading your package?

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Re: 3 months for engineer appointment

My bad. Sorry. It is a new FTTP and I am a new customer. 

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Re: 3 months for engineer appointment

As you ordered in December the install should still go ahead before March. You need to speak to the FTTP team. 0800 587 4787

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