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3 orders placed...all cancelled by OpenReach. Please help!

Hi there,

I originally placed an order on the 2nd July for an Infinity 3 package, the order processed ok and I have my Router and YouView Box delivered on the 13th July for activation on the 14th July. However on the day of the activation my order was cancelled by Open Reach without warning or notification.

I spoke to BT who rearranged the appointment for the 2nd August, I called to double-check and I’m surprised to see that once again my order has been cancelled without warning.

I thought ordering would be an easy process but 4 weeks later I am still no closer to being connected.

I placed my 3RD order on 2nd August for activation on the 16th and spent 40 minutes on the phone to a lovely lady who spoke through all the steps and problems, by the end of the call I was confident that this order would proceed as everything looked ok. I was told that I would receive a call confirming on the 4th August....I didn't receive a call but didn't want to bother BT again

Today the 5th August, I called to check and again my order has been cancelled....thats all 3 orders cancelled without notice.
What do I do? This is becoming a joke and I'm now without broadband.

Can this be sorted please? I have checked on DTSL and my property is eligble for speeds of upto 200mbs.

Complaint Ref: VOL013-226893389781

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