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3rd Party Router - YouView Issues

Hi Folks,

Been trying to setup my VMG3925-B10B router up for BT and youview. 

Currently, I have setup my router, it has Internet Access and the boxes are connected to them. The YouView boxes have internet access, an IP Address, and can even use the apps, such as NetFlix, BT TV etc, with no issues.

Unfortunately, however, my internet channels are not working.

I have enabled IGMP and MultiCast, and they are all present and set, but it still wont pick up internet TV. I include a copy of my config file from the router, if its any help, but I cant see why TV wont work, the YouMax states there is internet connection, the apps work...

Any Advice? or is this the wrng area to ask in?

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Re: 3rd Party Router - YouView Issues

Is this link any help? - Setting up for BT TV

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Re: 3rd Party Router - YouView Issues

Unfortuntaely not, I did follow this guide, I checked the config and concurrant wan is an option, but I couldnt find it on my list of options (slight differnces in menus)

I believe the B10B is a router which previously was previously sold by BT, so I was hoping someone may have had the same pages to show me exactly where I was going wrong.

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Re: 3rd Party Router - YouView Issues

I Include screenshots of each of the settings pages, in order to try and see if anyone can spot something I havent?

I have uploaded it to my google drive as I cannot find a local upload option for a zip file, when I have 52 images...




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Re: 3rd Party Router - YouView Issues

I dont suppose anyone has any further advice?

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