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Re: 3rd Party Router options

Yes, is setup by default like that.

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Re: 3rd Party Router options

Could well be a faulty unit then if DSL light isn't coming on at all.

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Re: 3rd Party Router options

Are you on I don't think the VR2800 supports - it has a VDSL modem. You would probably need an Asus DSL-AC88U.  From the VR2800 specs page:

The Archer VR2800 is compatible with VDSL2, ADSL2+, ADSL2, and ADSL.

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Re: 3rd Party Router options

I can't find where I saw now, but the VR2800 is supposedly G.Fast compatible.

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Re: 3rd Party Router options

You would need a capable router VDSL will not do it. There is the Asus DSL-AC88U (make sure you get the right one ) alternatively you could get a capable modem and connect a range of routers search for ZISA G100 cpe mt992 for BT ultrafast modem.
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Re: 3rd Party Router options

As posted previously, the vr2800 is supposedly capable. I presume tp link support would have pointed it out to the op if it wasn't.
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Re: 3rd Party Router options

I had to sent the unit back as yerstady i spent my day trying to get this sorted.

First called TP link support (paid calls) after i have seen that the guide dosen't work i have been forworded to the bt 

Called BT then as tp link guy was insisting that the  isp login can't be general but bt turned me to they as the login it is general

Called Tp link again and no luck after 40min of trying all sorts of things between rests and reboots, the guy said your unit is faulty as no DSL light come's on send it back.

Started the refund proces on Amazon then i noticed they offer expert help if you want, said ok why not, spent another 45 min with no luck.


At this stage i asked for refund not replace thill i'm 100% that the unit i buy is fully compatible with so if anyone have a good specs and working 3rd party router that will be amazing

What i need to achive is:

1. custom dns

2.parent control

3. portforword 

4. usb 3.0 

5. No-IP 

6.good range


8.gigabyte eternet ports


Can anyone have a recomandation of a working solution, atm i'm thinking to buy a modem and a fibre router, could you recomend me what router na modem to buy that will work with this as going on live chat at bt is a joke.


Many Thanks,


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Re: 3rd Party Router options

The login is generic as authentication is via your phone line, but you are not getting as far as PPP authentication as you haven't got DSL connectivity.
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Re: 3rd Party Router options

I think tp-link can be confusing in it's nomenclature.
They have a modem router GC430-G2v/AC2800 Wireless which is capable

The spec for the VR2800 says it will support speeds upto 100Mbps
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Re: 3rd Party Router options

An short update:


The archer VR2800 is not suporting gfast


The gfast use protocols  ITU-T G.9700 , ITU-T G.9701

As far as i could see the compatible 3rd party modem/routers will be    - but i have no idea how to buy it

Not sure about asus below

Modems: Solution Zisa G100 for Home Network

MT992-10 modem Huawei MT992-10 Upstream Terminal



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