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Re: 3rd Party Router options

@hammy30 wrote:
I think tp-link can be confusing in it's nomenclature.
They have a modem router GC430-G2v/AC2800 Wireless which is capable

The spec for the VR2800 says it will support speeds upto 100Mbps

That's the device I referred to in message 4 and couldn't find again subsequently, thanks.

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Re: 3rd Party Router options


I've been looking at the post in regard to alternative 3rd party router type options, for the following reasons.

I've have a VOIP setup and the BT Hub (inc 6) has issues with the ports and forwarding, lots of different setups tried (including turning Smart Setup off, UPnP on and off, turning off extended UPnP security and lots of other "advice" from BT. I also use Google Chromecast Audio (12 of them) these sometimes have issues. We have TP-Link EAP for Wifi in three locations around the house so I don’t need the WiFi from the Smart Hub. We also dropouts which BT say are not there. However I have two teenage daughters and they act as very good no internet alarms, so sorry BT we do have dropouts.

So I looked around hoping that if I purchase an alternative it would fix my issues. Due to poor coverage before I had two ADSL lines coming in and we used a Draytech 2830 without wifi (we had the EAP's) . So before buying a brand new £100+ router to "try" I thoughts lets just have a test with the old router, we now have FTTP so plugged into WAN2 from the BT box and bingo perfect, everything works perfectly and it seems to be compatible with BT’s IPv6 as well.

And to think I had this listed on Ebay at £20 (it didn’t sell), there are many still available on ebay by the way including dual band wifi versions for around that price.

So if you’re having issues and want to check if it’s you, the router, BT or the other kit you have and want to eliminate the router I can vouch for the Draytech 2830.

I won't be buying a new router soon.

I hope this helps 


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Re: 3rd Party Router options

Having just had a quick look through and the listed reports I would wait to see how they are going to implement G.Fast before buying an expensive G.Fast Modem/Router.
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