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40% drop in BT Fibre 250 ( down linesync speed after Smart Hub 2 upgrade to v0.21.03.07094-BT

Last night my Smart Hub 2 upgraded itself to v0.21.03.07094-BT

This morning I'm down from the usual 220Mbps or so down line sync speed to 148Mbps - which is just below my 150Mbps Stay Fast Guarantee.

Will this resolve itself or do I need to book a fault call to give the line a kick and reinitiate the 10-day line training period?

I have extracted the relevant Event Logs which shows a historically solid 210-225Mbps down sync speed since the service was upgraded from BT Fibre 2 in mid-September and include a screenshot of the log here. You'll note that my SNRs are still the same now as they were before so I do not suspect my line quality has suddenly deteriorated to trigger this downshift.

The only thing that changed overnight was the firmware version - after a power off-on reboot that triggered the upgrade after I powered off the SH2 for about three hours while I rewired my patch panel when I added some new devices to my home. I took the opportunity to move the SH2-to-Master-socket-connecting-wire away from some power cords and that seemed to have momentarily boosted my down link sync speed to 244Mbps as well, before the upgrade reboot happened a few minutes later and seriously reduced my downlink line sync speed.

The SH2 is left on 24x7 as suggested for the best line stability and speed.

I work as a network engineer in my day job so am highly familiar with networking knowledge and practice.

Down line sync rates.jpg

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