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421 Too many messages ( from ....

I am getting a lot of emails delayed or bounced back with delivery failures. Not an issue I have had before and my config has remained the same for some time (other than a password change last month).


I use a gmail account configured with my btinternet smtp credentials so that I can send and receive as my domian names (if I use gmail smtp my gmail address is revelaved to other gmail users).


I am getting messages like:

Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the relay mail.btinternet.

421 Too many messages (


Any ideas as to the cause of the problem and how i can resolve please? I have had a search of the web and this forum, but found nothing in particular so far as a solution.


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Re: 421 Too many messages ( from ....

Hi there,


I'm afriad that you are not alone - I've been in the same position (on and off) for the last couple of months after a problem-free 15-years of BT email use and I see others making similar queries all the time.  Periodically it will seem to get better, only to start failing again a few days later.


Best I can tell is BT (or more likely Yahoo) are trying to cope with 500 million accounts having been compromised and the ones that have been hacked could be being used by robots to send spam.  I response they have instituted some draconian delivery restrictions on messages across their servers and making some automated but wrong decisions in blocking whole domains. 


Having spoken to BT and L2 Yahoo mail support on this I've lost any confidence I had that they can exert any logical control to deliver a reliable service to their customers, and as (for most) it is not a chargable service BT do not treat it as any sort of priority.


My current plan - obtain my own domain name and setup an email service on this ... then spend ages shifting all my account registrations over to the new address and update all my friends.  Lastly move ISPs - BT, although at times it has been a good company, the customer service has been something shocking through this email debacle.


Sorry I can't be more positive.

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Re: 421 Too many messages ( from ....

Thanks for the reply.

The odd thing is my messages do seem to be being delivered and are not delayed. The notifications certainly don't give any confidence though.

I use my own domain for an email address which gives me flexibility but I have been relying on my BT account for the SMTP. I could use Gmail if it were not for the reason I originally stated. Sounds like I better review some alternate solutions.
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