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Re: 4G Calling - What is the Point?

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¿Are you trying to tell me that the mobile signal is irrelevant and is never used?

When it says "BT WiFiCall" phone calls use WiFi, …when it doesn't it doesn't. I do usually get BT WiFiCal at home, but not always and not when Google Maps is open… but we are supposed to be able to use 4G data and BT WiFiCall at the same time?

I thought BT WiFiCall was VOIP (voice over internet protocol) ¿What is VoLTE?
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Re: 4G Calling - What is the Point?

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When ever you have Wi-fi calling switched on via the handset and you have joined a Wi-fi network  it will always use Wi-fi to route your call regardless of signal strength. 

Not all Wi-fi networks allow the protocol for Wi-fi calling. Wi-fi networks with low speeds may also not allow you to use the service. 

BT 4G calling

4G calling as BT and EE call it (VoLTE) allows you make a voice call and use data at the same time providing you are in a 4G calling area without it dropping back down to 3/2G 



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