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4G mini hub without fail disconnects from signal

I have just been sent a 4g mini hub as we are offline due to a local area failure.

I wasn't sent the device automatically, I had to fight for it. I was right to ask as their estimate time was poor.

The beef I really have is that they are not supplying a like for like backup. If I try to stream anything from my TV, the hub within a few mins, drops the connection and says, there's a problem.

Can BT confirm you are throttling these devices?

If not then we can blame the brand new unit sent out and you can send another one.

It's nothing to do with my EE connection. We have a really good connection, phones work well and have excellent speeds around the house.

The dongle however is not up to the same standard, in the same location it is 2 bars down on a s9 sitting next to it.

This service BT provide is v poor, they should basically say we will provide you email access only.


Anyone else had any issues with this device?

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Re: 4G mini hub without fail disconnects from signal

I’ve had mixed experiences with them. The signal they get is deifnitely down on a mobile phone, but I guess they just aren’t designed as well as a phone.

Are you on a Halo plan? If so, then you shouldn’t have to fight for it, they should send one out automatically. If you’re not on a Halo plan, then I don’t think they have any obligation to send one out to you.

In fairness, I don’t think it is advertised as a like for like replacement and if they don’t get your normal broadband back up and running after a couple of days, you’ll be compensated for every day that it’s not fixed, which I suspect they wouldn’t need to do if it was meant as a like for like replacement of your normal line. I think it’s just more of a “to keep you going for essential stuff in the meantime” type thing.

I appreciate this might not be the solution you are looking for, but if you might be offline for a while longer and it’s critical for stable access, then you couod get yourself a 4G router and stick the SIM card in there. It was what I ended up doing and it was just like having normal internet, albeit slower because the EE signal in my area was 30 mbps at best vs 900 mbps on full fibre. I ended up doing it, but it was beneficial for me as my line was down for pretty much 5 months straight. It’s just an idea I thought I would mention if you’re looking for a more reliable solution in the meantime.

Hopefully your normal serviced is restored soon though!

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Re: 4G mini hub without fail disconnects from signal

Hi Will,

I do have halo and yet still had to ensure I got what I was entitled to. BT didn't notify me to send one out.

Whilst I agree there are variables in the 4g hub, there's a clear throttling choice going on.

If I use the hub for surfing it stays connected.

As soon as I stream, within minutes it shows a loss of connection, no signal which is clearly false, being in the same position for hours with no issues.

BT will reply blaming the Customer, they always do (have u turned it off and on again, is it near a window, maybe your signal is weak ,blah blah)

Ultimately I am looking for BT to be honest and own up to limiting the service as there are no T&Cs that outline any management of the device.

Whilst you mention the other options, those will cost me unnecessary outlay on my part which makes what I pay to BT a joke.

There estimates for repair are a joke to. 0100, I know 100% that they do not work 24/7 on issues like electricity companies have to. They aren't forced to the same way,  yet.

It's a disappointment that what they sell you isn't what is delivered at the end of the day.

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Re: 4G mini hub without fail disconnects from signal

No, absolutely, I agree you shouldn't have to spend more money for a workaround solution. Once it was clear to me that my internet was not going to be fixed in any reasonable timeframe, I decided to bite the bullet and pay for the 4G router, because as you say, the mini hub is not up to the task. In my case, the compensation I got back more than covered the cost of it anyway.

To be fair, my mini hub disconnected with everything I tried to use it for, so it did not seem to discriminate as far as I could tell.

But at my other premises, the mini hub that was used there was fine with TV streaming.

The only difference I can think of between the two was in one area, the EE signal is alway full and can get over 100 mbps on speedtests, whereas at the other location, EE signal is terrible and only get 1 bar and about 10 mbps at the best of times. For that, the 4G router was much better as it was able to pick up a better signal and could get 30 mbps on the same SIM card. Once installed, the connection with the 4G router never went down, so if there is any form of throttling going on, it's not on the SIM card end. Not sure if the mini hub itself is smart enough to filter traffic.

Good luck!

Good luck!

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