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4K Ultra HD Bolt On / Now TV Boost - Confusion

Hi Folks

Hoping someone can clarify some confusion around the 4k Ultra HD Bolt On and Now TV Boost.

Recently agreed renewal deal with BT, a few weeks before my existing contract ended. Previous Max 4k customer however as no longer an option to renew this, and with price increasing, opted for BT Sport and Now TV Entertainment Pass. Bought 4k Ultra HD £5 bolt on whereas previously was included. 

Once the order complete on the package, Now TV available in Youview Guide in SD but not in HD. Spent 1h on the phone with technical team to have confirmed that without Now TV Boost, the Now TV pass was SD only, even with the 4K Ultra HD bolt on. 

I was stunned with this as BT help page and community moderators have stated that adding HD bolt-on for £5 a month allows any channel included in your package with an HD variant to be viewed in HD, and that the HD bolt-on also includes NOW TV Boost. 

I then spent another hour negotiating to have a £72 credit (£3 pm boost price x 24mths) applied and then signed up to the boost add on. 

I've now been credited  £50 instead of the £72 and will need to re-open my initial complaint to have this rectified. Has anyone encountered this and if so, any advice? I don't really want to hold another 1h conversation on the phone with BT, after speaking to them for 2.5h+ sorting my new package! There is no email complaint process?

I also notice my bill for the next month now includes the element of the out of contract costs, when my package would have been out of contract, although I assume this will be amended once the next bill comes online.

Cheers for any help on this

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Re: 4K Ultra HD Bolt On / Now TV Boost - Confusion

HD Boost gives 1080p on most Sky Channels and the UHD bolt on gives you access to BT Sport Ultimate. 


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Re: 4K Ultra HD Bolt On / Now TV Boost - Confusion

Hi @O_P72 

As the problem seems to be a misinterpretation of the  HD add on and seems to be a package ordering issueI have moved to relevant forum.

As you mention the FAQs do clearly state


You can add our HD bolt-on for £5 a month to watch any channel included in your package that has a HD variant. As well as giving yout BT Sport and AMC in HD, the HD bolt-on also includes NOW TV Boost.

Refered to moderation team

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Re: 4K Ultra HD Bolt On / Now TV Boost - Confusion

Thanks for the replies and for referring comment to moderation, interesting to see what their response will be

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Re: 4K Ultra HD Bolt On / Now TV Boost - Confusion

To update a community moderator has since got in touch to confirm that the 4k Ultra HD Bolt On does infact include the Now TV Boost. He confirmed full credit to my account. 

Useful note for others who are signing up / have signed up to the 4k and Now packages, do not pay for the £3 pm boost, you dont need to.

Thanks for Zulu for helping to clarify on this, appreciated

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Re: 4K Ultra HD Bolt On / Now TV Boost - Confusion

I was told yesterday that if you take the entertainment pack as the base offering then it is £12 per month including the Now TV boost. But if you take the base pack as Sport and then add entertainment as a bolt on the you do need to pay £3 for now TV boost on top of the £9.99 for the cost of entertainment. When I placed the order I was assured the £5 would cover both bt HD and now tv boost. Very confusing! 

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Re: 4K Ultra HD Bolt On / Now TV Boost - Confusion


Do you mind if I ask a related question? I have re-negotiated my BT deal and have added NOW TV to the package. I was already a NOW customer and also had the boost option but have not taken the BT HD option (the one that is £5 a month)

The switch over happened today and it appears as if I can receive 1080p content via my NOW TV stick but cannot watch the same channels in HD on the BT box. By reading what you have said it looks like I also need the BT HD option even though I was told yesterday that wasn't the case.


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Re: 4K Ultra HD Bolt On / Now TV Boost - Confusion

Did you take Entertainment as a bolt on for £8.99? If so you need to pay for the Now TV boost to be able to watch HD content through the bt box 

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