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4k UHD Box : no display lights at all

Got a BT TV Box last Thursday, plumbed it in, wored perfectly.  Next day (Friday), no life at all on the display, though still warm underneath.  Got through on Chat that day (eventually) and told there was an 'issue' and that it would be resolved within the next 3-4 hours.  Nothing changed and have tried to get an advisor all weekend and again today (Monday), but no Chat advisers are available ....  it looks as if the box has blown something, and may need replaced, but I just can'y hold of anyone .....  any advice ?





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Re: 4k UHD Box : no display lights at all

Hi John,

Are you saying there are no lights on the bt tv box at all when you plug it in? If so that sounds like an electrical failure. Stupid question (sorry) there is an on / off switch on the back of the box - have you checked that?

Otherwise I think all you can do is unplug everything check and try again - maybe try another plug socket - if all fails then probably a new box / power adaptor required 😞

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Re: 4k UHD Box : no display lights at all

Yup : checked all that.  As there is some heat at the base, there is power getting in, but nothing coming out ... the trick is to get someone on-line to deal with this properly, this time .....



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