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5 Month delay with my line istallation!!!!

I placed and order with BT in April 2013, and I am still waiting for my line to be installed, I have been told many many many lies and inccorect information as to what is causing the delay.


The latest is that Openreach are waiting for permission for a four way traffic light system to do line plant and cabling work, so I asked where will these traffic lights be, the answer that I was told was my next door neighbours actual house and the single lane dead end road on which I live (we are the last house on the dead end)!!!! So I though ok lets see what happens, was told there was a site meeting with the council last friday 20th September and the traffic lights were booked for yesterday, today and tomorrow, GUESS WHAT, no traffic lights!!! So I contacted the local highways department who says there was no such site meeting with them and no requests have been made from BT/Openreach in my area for any traffic lights!!!


Openreach are complete and utter liers and I as so fed up of the whole situation, my case has been passed to an excalation team at BT, who are basically doing nothing other than feeding me the false information openreach gives them.


I am waiting now for my update on monday the 30th September, and I cant wait to hear what BT say!!! If they says the traffic lights were a success I am literally going to laugh in thier faces!!!


What an awful company who have treated me with no respect whatsover.


Any help would be gladly welcome!!!!



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Re: 5 Month delay with my line istallation!!!!

The forum moderators will get involved in this post as soon as they read your post they will post there reply and give you a contact link to them

Please do not send them a personal message, as your message will not be tracked properly.also the mod you personal message may not be on duty for some time and that will delay your help further.



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Re: 5 Month delay with my line istallation!!!!

Hi hannahpritchard206,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum!


Sorry for the time it's taking to get service connected.  I'm happy to pick this up from here and manage everything until we get the service connected.  To get in touch, click on my username and under the section "about me" you'll see the link to "contact the mods".


Thanks a million,



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