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£5 cap extra calls help

So I’ve just realised as on weekend & evening call package and been calling my Nan who is in lockdown in care home during the week I’ve been billed extra £25 this month .. thought Cap £5 but as we on broadband does not apply?... how is this fair? My Nan does not have broadband or a mobile phone so how does that help me during this difficult time? I am her only family .. very angry that the cap does not apply when I have TV Broadband package with BT and have done for 6 years... 

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Re: £5 cap extra calls help

You can upgrade to the unlimited anytime calls addon which is £9.99 or you can renew your broadband and be able to change to a new 500 minute calling plan for £5 per month.
Your other option would be a cheap sim only plan, there's one for £7 per month which includes unlimited minutes and texts on a 12 month term.

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Re: £5 cap extra calls help

Hi Richie thanks for the advice. How does the broadband 500 minute calling plan work - is that for your BT landline? Is that something you can amend to online? 

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Re: £5 cap extra calls help

BT launched new calling plans for making calls from your landline, they are 500 minutes for £5 or unlimited minutes for £12, they now include calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles, to get the new plans you have to be on the new broadband packages which is for anyone who joined or renewed on or after October 19th 2019.
As you have evening/weekend calls that means you're on the older promotions, so the older calling plans are your option.

If you look at it will show bespoke offers, any new broadband package renewal will show you the new calling plans as part of the order journey, have a look and see what's available.

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