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5 days to go Adios BT

This is my parting message as I finally get rid of this god awful hump on my back that is BT, I could write an essay on just how bad this company is, but I'll stick to what I deem the most important and biggest drawbacks of using this company.


1. Blocking torrent sites

No court order has been imposed against BT or any other provider stating they must block torrent sites, however BT saw fit to do this off their own back, hence constant threads on trackers and p2p forums stating that they will be leaving BT, so well done on shooting yourselves in the foot on that one.


2. Customer Service

Or should I say the lack of it, probably one of the worst out there. If I want to speak to someone from BT about my services, or any issues I might have, I want to speak to someone who can also speak my nataive tounge, not someone in a call centre in India who makes you feel ignorant as you keep have to ask them to repeat themselves because you can't understand a word they are saying.


3. We won't slow you down...ever 

ABSOLUTE BULL, I go from downloading at 9MB/s to 1.5MB/s during peak times, my next door neighbour who is with another provider (soon to be mine) gets constant speeds regardless of time of day, so before you even suggest net congestion we all know that is not a factor here.


4. Requesting MAC code

When I request a MAC code I want to be told "ok you'll receive it in 5 working days", I don't want to be held on the phone for 20 minutes with some woman telling me I'm the best thing since sliced bread and as I've been a loyal customer we can give you a great new deal, and all they offered was a couple of quid off my Fibre, which was still £2 more than the standard price of the same service with the company I'm moving to, who may I add offered me a great introductory offer, I've also heard their retention team are fantastic, and give some great discounts when your contract is up, they also have UK customer support, so at least I can understand them. I also found her to be very critical of other companies saying BT are the best, when quite clearly they are not, she was also not very knowledgable about what other companies can offer, and I shot her down several times, because unlike her I'd done my homework. I lost could of the amount of times I had to say no to this woman, which part of NO did she not understand!!


5. BT Sport

Stop trying to sell your services around offering this for free... it's **bleep**, in fact it isn't even that good.


6. Line Rental

I do not use my house phone EVER so why should I be charged line rental, in fact if it wasn't for my fibre I'd have the thing took out, stop ripping people off for this, yes every other company does it, but why should we have to pay for something we don't use..


Just a few pointers for BT to take onboard, which you can bet they won't, in fact those that should see things like this never will. I won't be returning as a BT customer ever, that I can promise..

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